Leveraging decades of research in suspension systems, the Bose Ride® system is the next-generation in driver suspension technology with its ability to counteract unwanted vibration from the road. It replaces a traditional truck seat and helps protect drivers from the shaking they've come to expect in a heavy-duty truck.

The Bose Ride system delivers unprecedented ride quality and is proven to reduce driver fatigue and pain. Drivers using the Bose Ride system also report it helps them feel safer, recover faster and expect to have longer careers – all factors important to a fleet's competitive advantage.


The Bose Ride Difference

When the truck is in motion, the Bose Ride® system's powerful electromagnetic motor counteracts the movement of the cab floor. The result is unprecedented ride quality.


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In 2014, Bose completed a study with TCA member fleets Bison Transport, Freymiller, and Pottle's Transportation to understand and quantify the impact of reduction exposure to jarring and shaking on driver fatigue and pain. The 9-month long study demonstrated significant benefits from using the Bose Ride driver suspension system. The information below is based on the outcomes of the study "The Impact of Ride Quality on Truck Driver Health & Safety: A TCA Member Fleet Case Study," March 17, 2014*.

“Without a doubt, the Bose Ride system improved our drivers’ quality of life and allowed them to perform at a more optimum level.- Garth Pitzel, Director Safety and Driver Development, Bison Transport


Prior to using the Bose Ride system, almost half of study drivers reported suffering from daily fatigue and pain levels serious enough to interfere with their work. By dramatically improving ride quality, the Bose Ride® system eliminates this problem for nearly all of those drivers.

"I wasn't nearly as tired. I wasn't nearly as sore." - Company driver


Increased Safety Confidence

With the Bose Ride system, 71% of study drivers report they are more likely to be able to avoid a safety incident and have greater ability to see what is happening outside of their truck.

Longer Driving Careers

89% of drivers project that the added protection would enable them to have longer careers.

Better Home Time

64% of drivers reported more rapid recovery after road trips, and 71% having more energy to do the things they like to do in their off-time.

“I’m able to sit in the seat longer and I don’t have to stop as much. So it helps out timewise quite a bit” - Company driver

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After using the Bose Ride® system drivers told us*
Of drivers reporting fatigue and back pain serious enough to interfere with their work, nearly all reported this problem was eliminated. 

Bose Ride Product Benefits

*The information above comes from "The Impact of Ride Quality on Truck Driver Health & Safety: A TCA Member Fleet Case Study," March 17, 2014.

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Study Summary


  • Seat Cushion dimension
    22” (56 cm) Wide seat cushion
  • Seat Cushion Adjustment
    - 3 position, independently controlled thigh support tilt adjustment
    - 3 position, independently controlled seat cushion extension
  • Seat top travel
    Fore-aft slide 7.9” (21 cm) with isolation
  • seat TOP OPTIONS
    Available in
    - Black Mordura cloth
    - Black/gray Ultra-Leather (seat heating included)
    Dual armrests with individual height control adjustments
    - Independently controlled upper and lower lumbar supports
    - Seat recline: 5° to 26°

Choose Your Ride

Turn the bose ride on to experience the power of active protection.

With the Bose Ride system ON, the three-position Ride Control selector allows drivers to choose their preferred setting throughout the day.

  • The Soft setting provides the smoothest ride with maximum protection from vibration and bumps for most on road driving conditions.
  • The middle setting offers a compromise between Soft and Firm as it gently follows the road contours.
  • The Firm setting provides a tighter connection to vehicle motion and provides the best defense against bottoming on very rough road or off pavement conditions. Under most driving conditions Firm provides less protection than softer settings.

Drivers new to the Bose Ride system may benefit by starting their experience with the Ride Control set to Firm. With time drivers prefer the Soft setting for most driving conditions.

These proprietary control algorithms expand the Bose Ride system’s effectiveness for varied vehicle applications and allow drivers to cover a greater range of surface conditions.




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