Frequently Asked Questions

Product Overview

How is the Bose Ride® system different from conventional heavy-duty truck seats?
The Bose Ride system uses technology that senses, analyzes and then counteracts forces from the road. This approach significantly reduces the harmful shaking and jarring heavy duty truck drivers experience every day on the job. Conventional seats use air suspension systems which can only passively damp these forces.
Why is there a need for the Bose Ride system if drivers with conventional seats aren't complaining about ride quality?

Many drivers accept feeling sore and tired as part of the job. With the Bose Ride system, drivers report improvements in comfort and energy level — factors that improve job performance and quality of life.

The positive impact a Bose Ride system has on driver fatigue and pain, safety confidence, and productivity is documented in the TCA study

Can the Bose Ride system be used in other applications, such as off-road vehicles, construction equipment, airplanes or boats? 
The Bose Ride system is designed to be compatible with most US- and Canada-manufactured makes and models of heavy-duty trucks in city, highway and over-the-road applications including terminal tractors and utility trucks. If you have an application other than these you can contact us for future development opportunities.
Does the Bose Ride system include speakers and/or noise cancellation technology?
The Bose Ride system is engineered to improve driver comfort by reducing exposure to whole-body vibration. It does not feature speakers or noise cancellation technology.
What does Bose know about truck driver suspension systems?
Bose Corporation has invested in more than 30 years of research and development to create groundbreaking approaches to vehicle suspension systems. The focused effort to apply this technology to the trucking industry began nearly ten years ago. It continues today, both in our lab and on the road.
Where is the Bose Ride system manufactured?
The Bose Ride system design and product assembly is performed in the United States at the Bose facility in Framingham, Massachusetts.
How do I know if the Bose Ride system will fit in my truck?

The Bose Ride system is designed to operate in most Class 8 truck cabs and also terminal tractors, including those manufactured by Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo, Western Star and Kalmar Ottawa. It can also be installed in some utility trucks

Click here to access the list of Bose Ride compatible truck makes and models. Compatibility may vary by manufacturing year, so please contact the Bose Ride Team at 1-800-721-2673 to confirm your fit. Also, if you do not see your specific truck model here, contact the Bose Ride Team, since we are continuing to add models to our database.

Purchasing a Bose Ride

Where can I buy a Bose Ride system? 

Or for more information call Bose Ride at 800-721-BOSE (2673) 

How much does the Bose Ride system cost? 

Our Class 8 Truck Fleet Volume Discount Program offers special pricing to fleets purchasing in quantity for 10 or more units. For information on the Fleet Volume Discount or for single unit pricing call our sales and support team at (800) 721-2673.

The Bose Ride® system is also available factory-installed in new Class 8 trucks from Freightliner and Volvo Trucks North America and in Terminal Tractors from Kalmar Ottawa. For pricing and availability, please contact your dealer.

Can I return the system?
You can try the Bose Ride system anytime with our 60-day money back performance guarantee.
What is the warranty for the system?

For purchases made directly from Bose, the limited warranty covers the suspension base for four years and the seat top’s upholstery and cushions for one year. Refer to the Bose Ride System Limited Warranty for details.

Warranty information about systems installed in new factory trucks can be obtained from your dealer.

Is there a recommended weight limit?
The Bose Ride system is designed for a maximum body weight of 350 pounds (160 kg).

Owner Resources

How do I use the system?
The Bose Ride system performs differently than a typical air suspension seat. Check out our quick start guide for owners here.
How do I install my Bose Ride system?
For owners looking to install the Bose Ride system themselves, we have a full installation guide available here.

Why Bose Ride?

Why do drivers prefer the Bose Ride system?
Drivers tell us they’re able to do more—drive more miles, accept more loads and recover faster at home—when driving with the Bose Ride system. Drivers shake less and as a result feel better. Hear what some drivers say.
Why do fleets invest in the Bose Ride system?
Fleets tell us that their drivers report they feel better, can drive longer, and have greater at home quality time. Some fleets use the Bose Ride system as a recruiting benefit and also as a reward system for senior drivers therefore increasing retention.
How long does it take to realize the benefits?
Drivers report anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
What is so different from a conventional air seat and a Bose Ride?
The Bose Ride is a driver suspension system under the base of the seat top and stabilizes the driver in order to counteract unwanted road vibration whereas the air ride seat is a conventional seat which does not use suspension mechanics and offers limited support to drivers.

 Safety and Reliability

Can the Bose Ride system withstand the rigors of long-haul trucking?
Bose has been designing, manufacturing and testing products for demanding applications in the automotive and medical device industries, and for the military. To ensure the system meets our highest standards for performance, reliability and safety, it has undergone rigorous environmental, reliability, and safety testing in the lab, as well as extensive simulator and field testing with major fleets and our OEM partners.
How reliable is the Bose Ride system?
The Bose Ride system has been designed to perform reliably for a million maintenance-free miles.
If drivers are more comfortable with the Bose Ride system, won't they be less attentive or more likely to fall asleep while driving?

According to drivers who use a Bose Ride system, the opposite is true. They tell us when their bodies and heads are protected from bouncing and shaking, they are actually more attentive and less fatigued.

The positive impact the Bose Ride system has on driver fatigue and pain, safety confidence and productivity was studied and quantified in this study with 3 TCA member fleets.

What safety standards does the Bose Ride system meet?
The Bose Ride system meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 207 and 210. Compliance has been certified by independent laboratories.

Technician Information

How difficult is it to install the Bose Ride system?

Designed with ease of installation in mind, a typical installation requires 2-4 hours, depending on the configuration of the truck cab.

We provide an installation guide as well as any over the phone support which maybe needed and for fleet customers on-site training and support to the technicians is made available.


If the Bose Ride system isn't working properly, will the truck have to be taken out of service?
No. Bose recognizes the importance of keeping trucks on the road. If power is removed from the Bose Ride system or normal performance is disrupted, the system transitions smoothly to perform as a premium air-suspension seat system.
How much power does the Bose Ride system consume?
The typical current draw from the truck battery is 4 amps (equivalent to a 50 watt light bulb).
How much does the Bose Ride system weigh?
Total system weight is 160 – 170 lbs (73-77kg), depending on the variant ordered. A conventional seat weighs about 100 lbs.
What are the Bose Ride system overall dimensions?
Overall dimensions for the Bose Ride system II can be accessed here. Dimensions for the Bose Ride system in yard trucks can be accessed here. If you would like additional information or have questions about fit in specific vehicles and applications please contact us.


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