Construction Delivery Trucks


Construction delivery truck suspensions are built for the job and not for the operator. The same characteristics that enable them to carry excessive loads also result in a punishing ride for the operators. The Bose Ride® system solves this problem.

In a recent three fleet evaluation of the Bose Ride system, almost half the drivers reported experiencing fatigue and pain levels high enough to interfere with their work. Of that group, almost all of these operators experienced less fatigue, reduced overall pain, and superior job performance after using the Bose Ride system for only a few weeks. This level of improvement means a better life for the operator and a higher level of operator efficacy for their fleet.

The Bose Ride driver suspension system uses a computerized motor to counteract harsh ride conditions, which can reduce the forces on the operator by as much as half*, depending on the surface.

*Blood R, Dennerlein J, Lewis L, Rynell P and Johnson P. (2011) Evaluating whole-body vibration exposure engineering control options in a population of semi-truck drivers: Comparison of an active and passive suspension seat. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society’s 55th Annual Meeting, Santa Monica, CA: HFES, pp 1750–1754. 

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  • Construction delivery trucks need stiff suspensions for stability on the job.
  • Operators pay for stiff suspensions with back pain and fatigue.
  • Companies pay with lost productivity and operator complaints.

The Bose Ride system solves this problem.