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ClearMotion, Inc., a global automotive technology company has announced it has acquired the Bose Ride business and related technology from Bose Corporation.

More information is available in the press release found here.

Inquiries can made to Kim Karelis at [email protected], or 617-955-0353.

Bose Ride Seat Suspension System

Bose Ride System

  • Proven to dramatically reduce driver fatigue and pain
  • Game-changing driver suspension technology
  • A competitive edge for your workforce

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Studies show the Bose Ride system can reduce driver fatigue and pain, as well as help them feel safer, recover faster and expect to have longer careers – all factors important to fleet success.*

Strengthen your workforce with driver suspension technology available only from Bose.

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After using the Bose Ride® system drivers told us*
Of drivers reporting fatigue and back pain serious enough to interfere with their work, nearly all reported this problem was eliminated.

Bose Ride Benefits

*As reported to Bose during the “Impact of Ride Quality on Truck Driver Health & Safety. A TCA Member Fleet Case Study,” March 17, 2014

Bose Ride Seat Suspension Technology



The Bose Ride system delivers unprecedented ride quality by intelligently responding to changing conditions in road surfaces. Using technologies only available from Bose, it continuously senses, analyzes, and counteracts forces from the road before the driver feels them.

1 Sensors detect unwanted motion
2 Computer calculates optimal response
3 Proprietary linear actuator counteracts bumps

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Fleet Competitive Advantage

Discover how fleets use the Bose Ride system to strengthen their driver workforce.

Bose Ride Demo

See the dramatic difference between the Bose Ride system and a conventional truck seat.